This week we cove one of the icons of horror-- the chainsaw- wielding Leatherface. The "TCM" franchise is one of the strangest in terms of chronology. There are at least three different timelines with reboots, sequels and prequels. The original 1974 movie is considered a horror masterpiece. It is credited with starting the slasher craze and developed many of the common horror tropes we see today-- the final girl, an isolated location, an unstopable and nonverbal killer, etc.

My suggestion is watch the original, the 2003 remake, and one of other films that contains Sheriff Hoyt and family. They are well worth a watch. Also if want something fun, check out the black commedy "TCM 2". 

This week we also cover a few dishes popular in Texas. See here for recipes (including many with a Tex Mex inspiration).

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