The "Ju-On/The Grudge" franchise contains 13 films and a NetFlix series. The series is an interesting one. Takashi Shimizu created the franchise, and directed or produced six of the films. Besides the Japanese movies, there are 4 American entries-- "The Grudge", "The Grudge 2", "The Grudge 3" and "The Grudge" (2020). There's also a fun crossover with "The Ring" franchise with "Sadako vs Kayako".

The franchise may be a bit hard for some viewers to follow. The pacing is pretty slow in the earlier entries. The stories are also told in a nonlinear fashion so you're not sure what/when everything happened. Still the series is one of the most prominent examples of J-horror. The death rattling Kayako and the meowing Toshio are iconic characters.   

And for the food this week, i obviously went with Japanese cuisine. Check out the here for some favorites. 


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