This week we're talking about one of the top horror directors. Lucio Fulci was prominent in the Italian gialo film movement (from the late 1960's through early 1980's). His three films in the "Gates Of Hell" trilogy are considered some of his best. They include; "City Of The Living Dead" (1980), "The Beyond" (1981), and "The House By The Cemetery" (1981).  I'm saving his other classic "Zombi"/"Zombie 2" for a later date. Hallmarks of Fulci films include: lots of gore, almost always an eye gouging scene, and an often confusing plot. Don't try to understand the specifics of what's going on. Instead view the movie as a dream and you'll enjoy it much better.    


And in honor of Fulci's homeland, I've included some iconic Italian dishes. Number 1 is ALWAYS pizza but dont forget about lasagna, polenta, ossobuco, risotto, carbonara, focccia, and gelato. Check them out at here  


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