This week we cover some lesser known films It's the three movies of the "Cat People" franchise. The first two movies are from the 1940s and by producer Val Lewton (head of the horror unit at RKO). The first movie has become a cult classic and does a lot with a very small budget. Check out several of Lewton's most popular movies on Shudder. 


The 1982 "Cat People' takes the series in a different direction. Malcolm McDowell and Nastassja Kinski star as brother and sister cat people. While the first "Cat People" relied on shadows and jump scares, this movie shows the transformation. The show is much sexier than the original. Poor Nastassja sent half of the movie in the nude. David Bowie also contributed the theme song known as "Putting Out Fire". 


In honor of the first cat person Irena Dubrovna, I included some favorite Serbian dishes. Check out the full list at here


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